Larry Pivnick for Congress

Larry Pivnick for Congress

Larry Pivnick for CongressLarry Pivnick for CongressLarry Pivnick for Congress

A Common Man for the Common Good

For The People

Larry Pivnick is running for Congress because he is fed up with politicians who lack the commitment and courage to do what is right for the common good of working and middle class Americans who wake up every day and go to work to support their families and to make their community and country a better place. 

There is no reason we can’t have affordable universal health care and an educational

system that prepares students for the 21st century without burying them in debt. America’s workers deserve fair living wages, social justice, and economic security. I reject the idea that there is not enough funding to provide food and shelter to the needy, fight climate change, protect our environment,e and provide adequately for our veterans.

The time for excuses and the same old failed leadership is over. West Tennessee deserves a congressman who will fight with all his might for them. Someone who has courage to lead. They tell us it’s impossible to change Washington, D.C. Let’s prove them wrong. 

Larry Believes in Social Justice and Economic Security

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